About Adapt ID

We are a UK based company specialising in online & contactless technology for connecting customers with businesses.

We are dedicated to building contactless identification, online booking & ordering solutions that provide the best experience for both client and client’s customers alike.

If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it, we are quite specific about this, this is not a marketing tool, it is not a sales pitch, its quite simply what we believe in. Our objective is to develop and produce a solution that provides total functionality combined with a simple interface. Used for menu ordering, venue booking, event entry, intelligent contactless cards, the applications are not limited to any specific industry!

About Us

Simplicity is our remit, a total and full understanding of the clients needs, an adaptable approach...

If a client has a particular requirement, our online platforms can be Adapted to suit your individual industry, our custom packages are cost effective and the pricing is clear from the outset.

It’s down to our enthusiasm and integrity, focusing the skill of our innovative in-house product development team. Our purpose-built development and production facilities are brimming with highly skilled technicians with genuine passion for the [products] we create.

Combining 50+ years of experience

We are a human scale business, we are personal and we care about each individual customer, large or small, we value each and every one of our customers. We maintain an enviable reputation and this is directly attributable to more than a decade of kept promises.

We are consistently recognised for our best-in-class design and quality of connected devices. Not only can we resolve real business issues but we generate significant ROI for our customers.

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About Us

Adaptid is there for you, work with us and see how we will work for you

Our contactless solutions & online platforms are forged from personal experience and listening to the people that count - you, the customer.

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