Biodegradable Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

How much information can I store on my cards and tags?

You can store as much or little information as you require. Store your contact information, social media accounts, online menus, enquiry form, website links, music platforms, review platforms, the possibilities are endless!

No app required. Update your details instantly anytime by simplying signing into your account.

Do the cards and tags work with my phone?

If you have a smartphone, the answer is almost certainly yes. All iPhones models XR and later (September 2018) and almost all of the Android phones have NFC enabled. Additionally, as a backup, all smartphones, both Apple and Android, have a built-in QR code scanner. Simply open up the camera and point it at the QR code located on the back of every Adapt ID card.

Can I customise the printed design?

Yes, our contactless cards can be printed to your own design. Simply select the bespoke card option and let us know at checkout what colour card, upload or send us your logo!

Please note that it is not possible to design your own tags on orders less than 20qty, if you are looking to purchase 20+ tags please contact us to discuss bespoke options.

How secure is your platform?

The security of our customer's data is our top priority. is built with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, and is undergoing annual security audits and assessments. We use high physical, procedural, and technical security measures to preserve the integrity and security of your data, as well as adhering to the strictest data protection laws.

We take the protection of your data exceptionally seriously and have a variety of security systems in place, our servers and based in London, UK and are all PCI compliant to keep you safe.

Are there any future charges once I have purchased a card or tag?

No, your account will have access to the free Adapt ID online portal to allow you to update your cards and tags quickly and easily in the future. Use of the advanced Adapt ID platform for online ordering, entry and bookings will be charged additionally. More information on our other solutions can be found here.

How long will it take to receive my cards or tags?

All cards and tags are printed and packaged by hand in our offices in Leeds & Lincolnshire. UK deliveries are typically 3-5 business days, outside of the UK is typically 7-21 business days.

We always welcome visitors to our offices to collect your cards and tags in-person if you wish!

Do you have a reseller or affiliate program?

Yes. We offer different reseller and affiliate packages at a variety of price points. Send us an email at or call 01673 847653 for more information.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at or call 01673 847653 and we’ll help you out.

What is Adapt ID?

We are a UK based company specialising in online & contactless technology for connecting customers with businesses.

Our contactless digital cards and tags synchronize seamlessly with our larger, simple to Adapt ID eco-system, used for menu ordering, venue booking, event entry. The applications are not limited to any specific industry and can all be accessed from a single online portal.

We are consistently recognised for our best-in-class design and quality of connected devices. Not only can we resolve real business issues but we generate significant ROI for our customers.

We are dedicated to building contactless identification, online booking & ordering solutions that provide the best experience for both client and client’s customers alike.