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Our Food & Drink ordering platform is incredibly easy to navigate, simplicity is our remit, for you the business owner and more importantly your customers

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In recent years food and drink cloud-based ordering systems have become the standard, there are literally hundreds of variants, However, here at Adapt ID we are the only company to offer the full End-to-End package.

Our platform can take your customer from table reservation, to menu ordering to room booking.

All of this for a flat-fee of £2 per day.

If you operate a small country pub, town centre bar, restaurant or a large hotel, our leading contactless, cloud-based platform will enable you to free up time, reduce staffing issues allowing you to concentrate on what really matters... your customers. We eliminate the need for Wi-Fi and your customers can literally click, order, pay and collect reducing queuing times and increasing profitability... Run this along side our proven booking platform or contactless event entry system to take payments immediately with no app download or account sign-ups, allow your clients to portion bills, or simply leave a tab open to be paid when they have finished.

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Contactless Tags

Simply tap your tag on a compatible phone to instantly share your contact information, social media accounts, online menus, website links, music platforms and more. Using NFC technology no additional app download is required.

Simply stick to your door, desk, wall, or take them in your pocket anywhere and everywhere… Fully waterproof, scratch proof and durable.

You do not need to purchase the Adapt ID platform to use our contactless cards and tags.

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Pay 0% commission

Adapt ID provides clear up front pricing at a cost that the majority of our competitors simply cannot match. We don’t take any commissions on your payments, we don’t even process your payments! Your money goes immediately to your chosen payment provider.

This means no sneaky fees — just one monthly flat fee and you keep 100% of your sales. Unlike competitors offer clear and simple flat-fee pricing of only £2 per day with no hidden fees.

Show customers what you do best

Let your brand shine through by adding your logo, photos and accent colours to your online platform.

Create your profile and platform so customised that your customers will think you built the platform yourself.

Text Message Alerts

With a 98% open rate, text messaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending important information or marketing offers.

Adapt ID helps you meet your online ordering, scheduling and notification requirements, streamline business management, and increase profit.

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All our online platforms and contactless industrys can be [adapted] to suit your individual industry

Synchronize all our solutions seamlessly

Ther Adapt ID ecosystem combines all our products and platforms into a single, easy to use online application.

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Focus on what matters the most, and let Adapt ID handle the rest

Simple to use online booking, menu ordering and management software to save time, reduce no shows, increase staff productivity, manage customers and take data-driven decisions for your business.

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