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NFC Loyalty & Membership Cards are the digital way to promote your brand, connect with customers and drive consumer engagement.

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The new NFC technology now allows the loyalty card an evolutionary step towards digitalisation.

It’s no longer necessary to install elaborate and annoying apps in order to enjoy discounts or to view your own customer account. Just tapping the NFC card on your smartphone is enough. The future belongs to companies who better connect with their customers using digital tools to engage and maintain relationships.

NFC tag is the most active way to push customers to sign-up for loyalty programs after they bought products. When customers purchase your products, it is one of the most interesting times of the sales because they are more excited about your products or brand. Therefore, at that time, they will sign-up your loyalty programs happily.

All offers and memberships can be controlled and updated, simply and quickly from anywhere in the world via the award winning Adapt ID platform.

The Sky's the Limit

The greatest thing about the Adapt ID platform is that you can harness it to bring your dreams to life.

Our solutions can help support contactless applications, smart posters and business cards, mobile payments and ticketing, loyalty programs, promotional campaigns, simple electronic device pairing and setup, proximity data communication, printing needs, healthcare requirements, physical access control, and so much more...

Adapt ID empowers brands to increase their digital customer base, capture valuable data and benefit from deep insights. No apps or software required.

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Step into the future.

Loyalty cards are the best tool to stay in contact with your customer and award them with discounts and benefits for being a loyal customer.

Our new contactless technology now allows the loyalty card an evolutionary step towards digitalisation. Customers no longer need to type in web addresses and voucher codes, or download and install irritating apps in order to enjoy discounts or view your own customer account. Just tapping our of our contactless cards or tags on your smartphone is enough.

Show customers what you do best

Let your brand shine through by adding your logo, photos and accent colours to your online platform.

Create your profile and platform so customised that your customers will think you built the platform yourself.

Text Message Alerts

With a 98% open rate, text messaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending important information or marketing offers.

Adapt ID helps you meet your online ordering, scheduling and notification requirements, streamline business management, and increase profit.

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The next generation digital business cards and tags, simply tap to someone’s phone to instantly share contact info, social media, music, online shops, menus and more...

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