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With the Adapt ID platform and contactless tags we can help you increase safety, maximise revenue and reduce operating costs.

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The next-gen, contactless entry and ticket platform

We can help you increase safety, maximise revenue and reduce operating costs. With the Adapt ID platform and contactless tags, your ticket sales and event entry can run itself. Transactions can be done 100% by the customer, making their experience safer and more streamlined.

Our contactless tags act as an electronic wallet for your guests to make onsite purchases like food, alcohol and merchandise, eliminating the person-to-person contact of exchanging cash. Our contactless tags are used to grant guest access to specific entrances or designated general admission or VIP areas significantly reducing fraudulent tickets and the associated costs & fees that they cause. Capture and manage the data of every ticket holder in real-time with Adapt ID's entry and ticket solution. Understand your customers, get to know your fans, and build deeper relationships and brand loyalty!

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How a leading equestrian centre saved £6,353 in the first month using our event entry platform

A well-known UK equestrian centre during peak show times receives 100's of entries per week. They where using an alternative event entry system which for a particular one-day show in June 2021 cost them £843 in lost profit in a single event!

Since switching to Adapt ID's simple to use system, which requires no app downloads or user sign-ups, the equestrian centre no longer pay comission fees, nor do their competitors get the additional £1 each time they entered.

This has resulted in more entries, happier customers and a more-profitable business.

All for a flat fee of just £2 per day (payments of £180 + VAT quarterly)... No extra’s, No hidden costs, No additional payments. All monies go direct to your account, its that simple.

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Cashless Payments Gives You Complete Control Over Your Event

Keeping on track of an event can be chaotic but with Adapt ID cards it has been made simpler. Being an event organiser, you should have complete and total insight into what’s happening.

One of our aims is to kick out ticket fraud by making forgery-proof credentials, and eliminating common types of ticket fraud like “pass-backs” and using passes from a different area or day. No business owner should lose out on sales due to fraud.

It’s your event, so you should have complete and total insight into what’s happening. Get real-time sales reports and see exactly what each vendor sold, which products were performing and even where you might be missing out on revenue (which you can improve on next year).

Show customers what you do best

Let your brand shine through by adding your logo, photos and accent colours to your online platform.

Create your profile and platform so customised that your customers will think you built the platform yourself.

Text Message Alerts

With a 98% open rate, text messaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending important information or marketing offers.

Adapt ID helps you meet your online ordering, scheduling and notification requirements, streamline business management, and increase profit.

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